Thursday, August 21, 2014

Oily Souls / Run to the Thumb / Ride for Larry Pierce - PT3

Chasing the suns slow drop to our evening camping site at one of the best bars in the mid-west - the Parisville Saloon.  A true home away from home thanks to gracious owners Poncho and his lovely wife Kelly.  If you are traveling around the thumb on a motorcycle do yourself a huge favor and stop and say hello. We were all happily road weary from a great day in the saddle but the night was just getting started...and some things were about to happen.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oily Souls Show - IMPORTANT Information!!!

Some Oily Souls 2 valuable information for you all.  The show starts this Saturday August 23rd at 2pm and goes until midnight. There will be a $5.00 cover charge that also enters you to win a peanut gas-tank painted specially for OS2 by The Harpoon!  This year we have a beer truck (!) that will be parked out back in the all-new secure vendor area that will be filled with (you guessed it) awesome vendors! Before you drink you need a good base. So the El Guapo food truck will be on-site all day to keep your belly all warm and full. Remember last year when we ran out of t-shirts? Well, that should not happen this year because the knucklehead that ordered shirts last year (me) has gotten his shit straight and ordered a proper quantity this year. 3 new designs in a wide variety of sizes (even XXL!). We have 25 confirmed machines on the invitee list so prepare to have your mind blown. Last year we had 1 award (the peoples choice award) for the invited builders/owners this year we have 3 - all peanut tanks painted custom for the show by some of the best painters know to man (way better than trophies we think)!  There will also be a custom tank given away for the 1st place ride-in award painted by one of the best painters in the biz Paul Martin from the H-D styling team!!!  We will have killer prize packs for the 2nd and 3rd place ride-in award winners as well made up of goodies from our friends and sponsors. In addition to all the custom bikes screaming for your attention inside and outside all-day long we also have 2 Photography exhibits taking place - Oily Souls Exposures - beautiful moto-images taken at last years show by Wes and Bruno inside the tasting room, and inside the barrel room, brand new images by Troy Critchlow - Chico Moto !!!  All of this goodness happens at Two James Spirits - 2445 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI. In case you didn't already know - the guys at Two James make booze - really, REALLY good booze and will be serving it up all day for you at the show. So be sure to grab a glass when you're at the show!  OK what else have I forgotten?  MUSIC!!!  ah yes music - The Jalopy Brothers will be taking us into the later moments of evening with their original brand of old-timey boot stompin', hillbilly loving roots music inside the barrel room. One last thing.  We have a new website! All official and stuff.  Please stop by for even more cool content and important information.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Oily Souls - Run to the Thumb / R+F+L+P - PT1

What a weekend!  About 40 bikes made the run in the end with people showing up from all over the mitten (and mid-west - TOM!!!!).  We road about 300 miles, raised about $700 bucks for Ashley and partied so hard we got kicked out of another bike rally for making too much of a ruckus and frightening the straights. Friday night at the Parisville Saloon was epic with Poncho and Kelly rolling out the red carpet for our ragged band of pirates.  A HUGE thanks to booth of them for making us all feel so at home!!!  Another massive high-five needs to be bestowed upon Dustin Themm for organizing the whole deal -sweating out the tiny details like a pro and pulling the whole damn thing off without a hitch!!! THANK YOU my brother! LET"S DO IT AGAIN!!! About 90 pics coming - here are the first 14.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Here it is folks! We couldn't be more stoked about the people and the machines on this list!!!  This year's show is gonna be epic with a wide-ranging cross-section of bike styles and owners!  A HUGE THANKS to everyone on this list for believing in our show, in Detroit and our cozy little corner of this sub-culture. Saturday August 23rd is going to be a very big PARTY!!! We hope that you can ride down and join us - we want you and your machine in Corktown!!!  2pm-Midnight at Two James Spirits 2445 Michigan Ave, Detroit, Mi.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

TOMORROW!!! RUN to the THUMB!!! & R+F+L+P

If you're anywhere near the Mitten this weekend you should be on this run!  3 days of ripping around empty country roads, 2 nights camping, two BBQ pig roasts, bands, raffles, give-away's, booze, a great lake, and a bunch of your brothers living life at 10/10ths in some of the best weather we have ever seen here! 10 bucks for Friday night which includes food, camping, wildlife interaction, music, midnight hole-shots, and your raffle entry!!! Saturday we all get up and do The Ride for Larry Pierce. Saturday evening is more of the same fun but in another town where we join the famous Hog Town Run - 15 bucks get's you food, camping, and entry into the $500 raffle!!!  Scroll down to my last post for meeting details and other info!!!  Don't waste this weekend sitting on the couch or in your garage!  GET YOU ASS TO THE THUMB!!! We DO NOT care what kind of bike you ride - we just want to see you on the run!