Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting Lost

After the chaos of Oily Souls 2 I needed a break from the input/output so I unplugged for a couple days and got lost.  First only wanting to run west down the Maumee river with the sun in my face, but by the time I ran out of river I was still hungry for more road so I called my friend Dave in Bloomington Indiana (4.5 hours away) and asked if  he'd show me the town. Being a model human Dave said "come on down". Had a blast in Bloomington (the town they filmed 'Breaking Away' in) rolling between bars and checking out the town. Spent the night in a motel that you could only categorize as 'total sketch', but what do you want for 40 bucks? The next morning I had a blast gliding through Brown County (killer roads) before rush hour could muster any strength. By the time the buses where choking the streets I was gone. Next stop was the HQ of Heckman Customs in Franklin, In.  Aric (Heckman Customs owner/operator) took me to a much needed lunch stop and then on a tour of his spotless casting facility. Aric makes super high-quality parts for your chop, check his line out here! From there I split back East into Ohio, found a biker type establishment for a quick one and then I continued North towards home. Saw a sign for Annie Oakly's grave-site and made a b-line for it thinking that would be a great place to grab a quick afternoon siesta.  After paying my respects and learning a litttle bit about little miss sure shot I took a quick nap in front of her grave - Graveyards I've found are the best for napping or even camping if need be. Annie's grave on the other hand turned out to be a horrible place to grab a nap because she is still WAY popular and I kept getting woken up by Mr. & Mrs. middle america. After getting the vagrant stare about a half dozen times I bolted for a shade tree a few rows from hers and managed to get some good sleep. Dinner was in Grand Lake Ohio and I must say the lake was Grand, or rather huge - 7 miles wide!  It was a trip to see so much water in the middle of so much corn! After eating a solid Italian meal I noticed the sun dropping like a stone so I put it down all the way back to the mitten. The only thing worth mentioning is that the Maumee river basin at night is home to a bazillion bugs and I killed about 10 pounds of the little bastards before I got home. But other than that I had a great trip.  The miles did the trick as I felt much better once I returned home - all the sharp little edges inside worn down by the road into a smooth continuous flow. If you can spare a couple days and don't mind operating without an agenda than I suggest getting lost on a regular basis. Thanks for coming along.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oily Souls - Show Day Pics @ the Oily Souls Blog!

Head over to the Oily Souls Blog for all the coverage of the show!  The first photo dump is up today!

Monday, September 8, 2014

OS2 Invitee Pre-Party

The Oily Souls weekend kicked-off with a mellow little pre-party at Greg and Gabi's place west of the city. It was an easy evening of catching up with friends from far and near. THANKS to Greg and Gabi for the great venue and cozy hospitality. Also, THANKS to Dong for cooking all night long and to Shayna for the pics!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


My man is celebrating another year of living like the big lovable legend he is. Happy Birthday my friend.